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Apple Fall 2017 Releases – iPhone 8, iPhone X, Apple Watch 3, Apple TV 4K

By | September 17, 2017

Apple’s fall update came celebrating their 10th anniversary of the iPhone.  Apple debuted some new hardware and Tuesday will mark the release of their latest software updates.   If you are in the market for an iPhone, you can now choose anywhere from the iPhone SE (entry level smaller phone), iPhone 6s, 7, 8, and… Read More »

Apple Releases iOS 10.3, OS X 10.12.4 – Summary of Changes

By | March 28, 2017

Yesterday apple released iOS 10.3 to iOS devices as a new release.  This release is a minor change to the user, but has a major change under the covers.  This is the first OS to switch over to Apple’s new file system called APFS.  Apple already used a proprietary file system called HFS+ for years, but the… Read More »

Battery Issues and Proper Charging

By | December 13, 2016

Are you having battery issues with your phone?  Fast drain, jumping battery percentages, and phone deactivations are all indicators of a problem.  Battery concerns in our portable electronics have caused a lot of press these days.  The Samsung Note 7 escalated this to new levels with a full product recall over exploding batteries.   The… Read More »