About Us

What is the site about?

Everyone’s Tech was developed as a simple way to communicate technology updates to an audience that is not the standard technical audience.  It is made for everyone!   Most of the time when you google for a solution to a problem, the answer is either highly technical and confusing to the user, or not providing enough information to complete it.  Our articles will be simple to follow and allow anyone to make an informed decision or learn about something.

For the non-technical crowd:

Do you feel like you are bothering that friend / relative again to ask another computer question? Are you unsure how to make sure your smartphone is setup correctly?  All these tasks are areas that will be covered by posts from Everyone’s Tech.  Follow out Facebook page or watch for new articles posted.

For the technical crowd:

Are you consistently sending the same instructions to friends and family? Are you the go to person for them?  Now you can have them follow our site for simple, easy to follow instructions.   Or just search our site for an example article or tip, and send it to them.