Apple iOS 11, Watch OS 4 – What’s New and Changed?

By | September 17, 2017

On Tuesday, Apple will release iOS 11 and Watch OS 4.  The new release offers some improvements in user function and some added features.   The iPad gets the greatest update and improvements from iOS 11.  The update is a major OS change, but is best to be upgraded using the Over the Air update process from the phone.

The update to iOS 11 is only available for 64 bit hardware.  This means Apple is not updating the iPhone 5, 5c, and iPad 4 lost support for the new OS.  Any newer device will update to iOS 11 without an issue.






iOS 11

Overall Changes

  • Files App – Apple Files app lets you browse and store files from iCloud, Dropbox, or other file storage platforms in a single App.  The app will be added to your device after the update
  • New Control Center – The menu you use when you swipe up from the bottom has completely changed and is customizable.  This is change you need to make sure you understand and setup as it is utilized frequently by many. Some quick settings require a force touch or click and hold to find.  See this article from CNET on the changes.
  • Do Not Disturb While Driving – Apple can now setup to enable Do Not Disturb while your phone is paired to a car and driving.  This will prevent unneeded distractions from the user.  You can have emergency contacts setup as well.
  • Keyboard Quick Keys – Some characters you use to click on another keyboard to use are now available with a flick of the key.  Much like pressing the shift key for characters on the number keys, flicking upward on a key will allow you to quickly use symbols.
  • Live Photos Effects – Added the loop, bounce, and long exposure effects for live photos.
  • New App Store design
  • Messages Apps are now quicker to access
  • Siri enhancements with machine learning and language translation.  Siri can translate English to Spanish for example.
  • Apple Maps adds lane guidance (CarPlay updated as well)
  • New Photo and Video format to save space.   We will post more about this separately as this is change that can significantly save you space on your phone / iPad.
  • Screenshots now create a thumbnail allowing you to markup and determine if you want to save or discard them.
  • Screen Recording ability added to make recordings of your screen into a movie file for sharing.  Great for troubleshooting or helping users.

iPad Changes

  • iPad now receives a Dock similar to MacOS.  You can place more apps in the dock and swipe up and down on the dock from any application.  Last used applications will also show up in the dock allowing you to drag and drop them for split screen viewing and interaction between two apps.
  • iPad thumbnails are now all displayed in tile form when double clicking on the home button.  This change takes a little to get use to but it allows you to switch between applications quickly
  • Side Bar Apps are now gone, because all apps work with split screen.  Drag an open application from the dock to the right side to open split screen.

Apple Watch OS 4

  • Increased Activity Awareness and Coaching
  • Tailored workout activities from your history
  • Enhanced Swim tracking for Series 2 and 3 watches
  • Gym equipment sync ability with major brands of gym equipment for pairing
  • Automatic Music sync and improved Music abilities
  • New Watch Faces and Complications
  • Improved Heart Rate App
  • Notification of Elevated Heart Rate when not performing an activity (Disabled by default and requires the user to enable this feature in settings)

If you would like to see quick animated images of the new features see the following article which shows the top features and changes listed above. 

To update your iPhone/iPad over Wifi using the easiest option (Over the Air Update):

  1. Backup your phone to iCloud or your Computer – (Apple guide here)
  2. Connect to wifi and plug your phone / tablet into a charger.
  3. Go to Settings application
  4. Go to General – Software Update
  5. Download and Install

Apple’s Guide to Backup –

Apple’s Guide to Update –


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