Apple release’s iOS 10.2.1 – Update ASAP

By | January 23, 2017

Today apple released iOS 10.2.1 as an update which is a small but contains many security patches for items that could be used to attack a user’s session.  It is highly recommended to update all your Apple devices to the latest version.  These vulnerabilities can be used to exploit Safari or an application on your device.

This is a minor patch to update to if you are already on 10.2.  If you are not on 10.2 yet, this is a larger update as it will require moving to the newer OS.  As with any update, please be sure to backup before hand if applicable.

Update: Apple also released updates for Apple Watch, Apple TV 4th generation, Safari, and OS X Sierra (10.12.3).  Check all devices for updates.

To update over Wifi using the easiest option (Over the Air Update):

  1. Backup your phone to iCloud or your Computer – (Apple guide here)
  2. Connect to wifi and plug your phone / tablet into a charger.
  3. Go to Settings application
  4. Go to General – Software Update
  5. Download and Install

Apple’s Guide to Backup –

Apple’s Guide to Update –

Apple 10.2.1 Reference Page –

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Matt Caminiti

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