Quick Tip: How to force restart an iPhone 7

By | September 27, 2016

Are you a proud owner of a new iPhone 7 or 7+? Well part of making the iPhone water resistant was to remove the physical button that we use so much on the iPhone.  The Home button is now powered by a haptic sensor which makes it feel like a real button.

Wifi-Assist? Is it consuming my cellular data?

By | September 26, 2016

Seems with iOS 10 being released, an old worry is being blamed for high data usage again.  Had a few people ask me already if a trending Facebook post blaming Wi-Fi assist for consuming all of her data is true?  Well no its not true, but yes you might want to turn off this feature.

Quick Tip: Enable Announce Calls on iPhone

By | September 24, 2016

If you have an iPhone updated to iOS 10, you can enable a new feature to announce who is calling when using headphones or connected via bluetooth in your car.  This feature is to make users more handsfree.  As someone calls your phone, Siri will read the name of the caller if found in your contacts.